Hurricane Camille

You can try to catch me traveling around North America in an
'82 Volkswagon Camper Van.

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Sometimes I have bad days.
Today is one of them.
I have to have a root canal done in 20 mins. Woopdefuckindoo.
This fucking dentist visit is going to cost over 1,000 bucks because i can’t afford health insurance.
I also have debt collectors calling me for past doctor visits I never paid for. It’s definitely not something to brag about. 
On a lighter note, last night Chris and I went thrift store shopping. Before we went we had bought a mouse for Chula (my ferret) to eat and course after an hour of shopping we came back to the car to see that the bastard had chewed his way out of the bag. There is absolutely no way to find him because our car is packed full of camping gear and my clothes (Because I dont have much room in our studio apartment for my useless crap so i use the car as a closet, to Chris’s dismay.) So now we have a car mouse to keep us company on our drives.
Posted on 1 February

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